Accessibility & Welfare

Preliminary Access Statement

There are multiple wheelchair-access spots throughout the college including access to the GLR, Chancellor’s Court, Margaret Wileman, Fenner’s, and the library. These access spots will have a combination of slope and portable ramp access. Any step-only access or small lips at entrances will be marked on an online map and documents for access prior to the event. There is padded seating, accessible toilets, gender-neutral toilets, a designated quiet space, subtitles, and English audio available at the Ball. Hearing loops, general car parking, closed caption, and audio description can be accommodated for by request in advance. There will be no BSL interpreter, and we will have external strobe lights and lasers. The food and drinks will include vegan, gluten-free, halal, and non-alcoholic options. If there are any additional needs you have or questions about access you can contact us at

Ask For Angela

Committee members Thomas Lynch, Sean Lee, Samyukta Karthik, and Kartik Deshmukh have received Welfare And Vulnerability Engagement (WAVE) training and certification. We are confident that we are equipped with the knowledge to create a safe and inclusive environment for everyone at the May Ball.
We’re also operating with the ‘Ask for Angela’ scheme, and will be able to support you at any point during the event if you’re feeling unsafe. If you’re getting unwanted attention or people aren’t taking ‘no’ for an answer, speak to a member of the team or security, and Ask for Angela.

Accessibility and Sustainability Q&A


Access-a-ball is a campaign created to design May Ball events prioritizing accessibility to build more inclusive events and make sure all guests feel comfortable. Hughes Hall has signed the pledge for the Access-A-Ball scheme and is actively planning on building accessibility within our event.

More information on the aims of the Access-a-ball scheme can be found here:

Hughes Hall has an access statement that covers the key aspects of the Ball that will surrounding our accessibility initiatives including but not limited to dietary needs, wheelchair access, audio aids, ticketing, etc. This statement was built based on SU/DSU resources and guidelines.

The preliminary statement can be found here

A full access statement will be updated on the website at a later date.

We will be providing food that accommodate main allergens and various dietary requirements including vegan and halal options. All allergens will be clearly labelled. We will have non-alcoholic drinks and water. If there are any other dietary accommodations you need, please feel free to reach out to Samyukta at

The entrance to the college through Mortimer Road is level and accessible. There is level access, lifts, and slopes in the Fenner’s Building. The Margaret Wileman building, GLR, and Chancellor’s Court will have portable ramps for access. The Pavilion Room and Library can be accessed through a slope with a small lip at the entrance. A digital map will be provided ahead of the event with more details and labels of accessible buildings and entrances.

There are accessible toilets in near the Pavilion Room and on the ground floor of the Fenner’s building. There are gender-neutral toilets in the Margaret Wileman buildings. There will be signposts on the day of the event to find these.

The library will be a quiet room. This will clearly be signposted and labeled on the map. If you have any concerns reach out to any committee members on the night of our ball or reach out to the Access & Sustainability officer.

Hearing and audio needs can be accommodated for through advance request made available through advance request, so please email Samyukta at as soon as possible. We will not be providing a BSL interpreter.

We will be providing bursary tickets. See the ticketing T&Cs for more information. We provide a queue-jump pass for those whose health would be negatively affected by queueing. A free ticket can be provided for a carer. If you need either of these accommodations, please contact Samyukta at after you have purchased your ticket.

There will be strobe lighting that will be projecting on the exteriors of building, but no interior ones. We are still in the process of making arrangements for the Ball so we will make attendees aware of any additional lights or lasers on our website, social media, email, and signposts. Please feel free to reach out to Samyukta if you have further concerns.

Please feel free to reach out to our Access and Sustainability officer.


Our sustainability efforts cover a broad range of initiatives reduce our carbon footprint through local partnerships, responsible food & drink sourcing, intentional event design, and efficient waste management.

We have created broad sustainability goals across five topics and have formalized a action plan on how to reach the objective of each goal.

We can just list the five goals here, or if we feel comfortable we can link the document with our plan as well.

Here is the link:

Please feel free to reach out to our Access and Sustainability officer.